Drew Yanke, Psychotherapist, M.A., .L.L.P.

Welcome and Hello.

 Thank you for visiting my site, if you found yourself here by choice, odds are that you or someone close to you is struggling with issues and needs help navigating those issues. (If you made it here by accident--remember there are no accidents!)

I believe that therapy can be for everyone.  Personal growth is a life long journey and therapy can help people realistically asses themselves and the manner in which they perceive, interact, and act within their world.  I am here to help people achieve a change that promotes balance, growth, understanding and to become a “Master of their actions, not a prisoner of their reactions”.



My Mission

Many of us have missions or goals in our lives I'd like to share mine as a therapist. I want you to know that my mission is to actively engage you in creating specific treatment goals that will assist you in achieving the balance and growth you seek in your life.  I will provide the most efficient psychotherapy tools and practices targeted to achieve these treatment goals in a safe, predictable environment in which we both can work together. In this environment I will demonstrate an empathetic, non-judgmental and caring response to your challenges. It is my goal to help people identify their struggles and strengths to become the person they want to be. My philosophy is guided by my unwavering belief in people's ability to achieve their greatest potential, especially when faced with challenges.

 I also believe humor can be used as an integral tool in the therapy experience. It often illuminates the many strange and challenging predicaments that we all face at times. Just as in life we laugh and cry, so too in therapy. 

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